Boom City Brewing Company

House Made Brew

Pine St Pilsner  ABV 5.2%                             ​*Available in cans to go*

Blonde Ale made with Pilsner grain and hopped lightly with Cascade hops.

Last Raft Fruit Wheat (Mango) ABV 5%    2020 PA Farm Show 3rd Place

Wheat ale blended with fresh mango puree.                  2021 PA Farm Show 2nd Place

                                                                                     2024 PA Farm Show 2nd Place

Muddy River Porter ABV 5.9%                    2022 PA Farm Show 3rd Place

Robust Porter hits of coffee/chocolate                            2024 PA Farm Show 1st Place

Log Jam IPA ABV 6%

West Coast IPA citrus/tropical hops note   *Available in cans*

River Haze Hazy IPA  ABV 6%

Hazy in appearance with lots of citrus notes.     *Available in cans*

BOOM RAT SERIES (Rotational brews)

KOKUA "Extending Help to Others" ABV 4%

This brew was brewed in support of the Maui fires, all proceeds will benefit Maui Brewing Co. Fire Fund.

This is a light, session IPA with lots of pine and citrus notes.

Falling Maple Brown Ale  ABV 5.5%        2023 PA Farm Show 3rd Place

Brown Ale made with Maple Syrup from Sugar Mama's Maple Syrup. Mansfield PA.

Brews in Cans (singles or 4 packs)

PA Pride Cans  - Multigrain Saison,  Nitro Pub Ale, Doppelbock, Hazy Pale Ale, Rye IPA, & Pilsner


Bottled Beers Available:  Yuengling Lagers, Yuengling Lager Light, Yuengling Light, Yuengling Flight and Yuengling Raging Eagle (Mango Beer)